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Monday, May 13 2019

I think I’ve written before, but Alexandra DeSanctis has quickly become one of my favorite conservative commentators.  Known for her intrepid and fearless pro-life apologetics, from her perch at National Review, DeSanctis consistently goes beyond merely defending the impenetrable logic behind a pro-life ideology.  She effectively shames an anything-but-objective mainstream media culture by putting a spotlight on their activism.

And recently, she prosecuted them with a vengeance.

The scene developed after a Democrat lawmaker in Alabama made the tragic mistake of being honest about abortion rather than presenting it with the standard euphemisms and poll-tested language mastered by the left.  Opposing an abortion ban in Alabama, state Representative John Rogers stammered,

“Some kids are unwanted. So you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, then send them to the electric chair. So you kill them now or kill them later.”

Here, Rogers admits: (1) “kids” are in the womb, not meaningless blobs of tissue, (2) the act of abortion “kills” a “kid,” (3) the left’s solution to unwanted children is killing the unwanted, (4) the left’s solution to unloved children is killing the unloved, (5) vulnerable kids are the legal property of their parents who may dispose of them violently if they so choose.

What’s amazing about this is that everyone even remotely informed on the subject of abortion knows what he has said is true.  None of those five facts can be legitimately disputed.  It’s just that the abortion cult doesn’t want those things admitted in public, and they have the benefit of a complicit media to ensure any mention of those facts is censored from public consumption.  So when Rogers let the cat out of the bag in a most inconvenient way, the media had to work overtime.

Notice that they were not rushing to get every one of the 20 declared Democrat candidates for president on the record responding to this galling statement.  No, they reluctantly wrote how the REAL story was how conservatives were “seizing” on this scene.  Enter DeSanctis, who laid them out flat:











The dereliction of duty here by supposed journalists is grotesque.  A Democrat sums up his party’s position on child killing by saying that killing kids now rather than let them be born and become criminals is preferable.  Republicans are aghast.  And the media runs story after story about how Republicans were playing politics.

Perhaps Alexandra’s NR colleague Jonah Goldberg put it best:

“Pouncers rail. Railers pounce. And only ‘conservatives’ have a problem with a politician saying unwanted kids should be killed.” 

Don’t talk to me about the climate of disrespect towards the work of “journalists.”  They’ve earned every bit of it.

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