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Sunday, November 25 2018

The tech world is often known as a progressive paradise.  The heads of most of the technological, internet, and social media giants are supportive of left-wing political causes.  That’s why it was really surprising to see the news that Jack Dorsey’s Twitter has adopted a policy that can fairly be understood as openly hostile to feminists. 

In an effort to acquiesce to demands from the LGBT political lobby, Twitter has announced that they will begin suspending users who, “misgender or deadname” another person on their platform.  For those of you not hip to the newest lingo adopted by the gurus of what’s happening now, to “misgender” someone is to refer to a man as a man if that man believes or promotes himself as a woman.  Or vice versa.  To “deadname” is to refer to a that man who promotes himself as a woman by his man name. 

And the sexual revolutionary crowd was very excited about the change:

Many Twitter users have praised the change, which they hope will lead to more abusive accounts being suspended or banned completely.

One tweeted: “nb deadnaming and misgendering are now prohibited on Twitter. which is very good news!”

Another said: “Excellent news everyone: Twitter has finally updated their TOS such that misgendering/deadnaming a trans person is against the site’s rules. Happy hunting.”

Happy hunting?  If anyone was curious as to the interests and motivations of those who are a part of the LGBT political crusade, that remark should give you some hint.  But what does all this have to do with feminism, you ask? 

Having strayed mightily from its roots, modern feminism has morphed into a potent blend of female empowerment and male denigration.  Its hatred of men would be comical if not so concerning for the future of our civilization.  Nonetheless, consider what Twitter now encourages: men, who will never understand, never comprehend, never experience, and never identify with the biological, emotional, and spiritual realities of femininity, coopting the gender and claiming it as theirs. 

No true feminist with a brain will fail to indignantly object to the cultural appropriation of the grand mystery and experience of womanhood by men.  But Twitter is demanding they do so, or be banned.  And some already have been.  Noted feminist broadcaster and journalist Julie Bindel recently broke the news:

“My friend and feminist comrade Meghan Murphy has been banned from Twitter for saying a man is a man and not a woman.  Let’s make a massive stand against this bull****!”

For our part, conservatives warned left-wingers for years that the same movement they were cheering and applauding – even aiding and abetting – as it slandered men and women of faith and conviction as bigots and discriminators, would one day turn on them.  And here we are. 

Twitter won’t survive this, of course.  As Ben Shapiro recently observed, it’s now become permissible on the social media site to refer to Jews as termites, but has become a ban-worthy offense to say that a man is not a woman.  But the larger question is if the insanity of the LGBT revolution is allowed to continue marching forward, unabated in our society. 

If so, it’s far more than Twitter that’s doomed.

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