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Sunday, December 20 2009

Of all the wicked organizations currently in operation in the United States, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has to be among the worst.  What makes this radical homosexual group especially dangerous is the carefully crafted public image they have concocted that effectively masks the depths of their depravity.  It's an image that is painstakingly guarded by a complicit mainstream media that balks at any notion of holding them accountable for their offensive behavior.


GLSEN touts itself as an organization designed to combat the bullying and mistreatment of gay and lesbian students in public school across America.  Certainly, this is an objective that anyone should support.  Regardless of how you feel about the issue of homosexuality, school is a place where any student should feel safe, and be free of threats, intimidation, and bullying.


It is this image that GLSEN uses to work its way into school systems across America, conducting their vaunted "Day of Silence" to raise awareness of the mistreatment of homosexual young people bullied into the shadows.  And it's GLSEN's supposed fight to stop bullying that undoubtedly led President Obama to promote the group's founder and executive director Kevin Jennings to head up the office of Safe and Drug Free Schools within the Department of Education.


But the reality of GLSEN is something quite different from its public persona.  In fact, as a school teacher myself, my experiences with GLSEN and its materials have demonstrated that their interest is not in ending bullying, but rather redirecting the intimidation onto new targets - specifically, young children and teenagers who profess traditional moral values and who have been raised in Christian homes. 


GLSEN's own curriculum guides to teachers advise them to - without parental knowledge or consent - question their students on the validity of their religious upbringing.  Their tactics are to create an atmosphere where any objection to the practice of homosexuality (no matter how legitimate, loving, or reasoned that objection might be) is perceived as a threat of violence, and therefore must be dealt with by the school through disciplinary action.  If that isn't bullying into silence, I don't know what is.


But GLSEN is far more sinister than just their hypocritical position on intimidation in schools.  They are also disgustingly depraved, and take every opportunity to lead young people into dangerous and sometimes deadly practices.


For example, back in 2000, GLSEN held its annual convention at Tufts University in Massachusetts.  There, student attendees as young as 14 sat through sexually provocative sessions that involved discussion over homosexual oral sex and the depraved practice of "fisting."  Though the conference was closed to media, undercover journalists managed to break the story by revealing a secretly recorded audio tape from one of these sex sessions.  The resulting embarrassment was minimized because the national media is an ally of GLSEN and ignored the story entirely. 


As a consequence, the 2001 conference was much of the same, with an estimated 400 student attendees being given a "fisting kit" of plastic gloves as well as "dental dams" for use during oral sex.  In 2005, GLSEN was caught distributing gay "leather" bar guides to teens in attendance.  Not only would it be illegal for many of these young people to even enter the bars, but with the indisputable prevalence of pedophilia in the male homosexual culture, these guides are nothing more than attempts to lure young people into extremely dangerous surroundings.


Kevin Jennings, who orchestrated these events and actually delivered the keynote address at that vulgar 2000 conference, said these realities provide no justification for questioning his organization.  Apparently our new president agreed, as he tabbed the architect of these perversion-fests to be his "safe school czar."


Perhaps Mr. Obama could explain how leading kids towards deadly sexual behavior - something Mr. Jennings dedicated his life to - is promoting "safe schools?"


And consider also the sexually explicit reading list that was endorsed for your children by Mr. Jennings himself.  "Reflections of a Rock Lobster" is on that list - a story that includes five and six year old boys playing "sex therapist" with one another.  Then there's "Passages of Pride" where your kids can read about a boy having sexual encounters and fondling the private parts of other boys beginning at the age of five.  And let's not forget "In Your Face," where your child can read about the homosexual and incestuous relationships of the author, replete with extraordinarily graphic language.


Conservative author Michelle Malkin asks a very good question: would Mr. Obama be okay with his daughters Sasha and Malia reading these works of depravity?  If not, why is he subjecting public school students and families across the country to the degenerate mind of Mr. Jennings and his GLSEN cohorts?  If we want schools that promote the safety and well being of our children, we will ensure that GLSEN isn't anywhere near them.

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