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Wednesday, November 07 2018

When the much ballyhooed “blue wave” didn’t materialize as progressives around the country had hoped, it was painfully predictable what was coming from social justice warriors on the left – both inside and outside the church.  The setback was immediately blamed on racism.

Uber-woke bomb thrower Jemele Hill pinpointed the problem right away: white people.  White women, specifically.

“59 percent of white women voted for Ted Cruz. 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. So given these numbers, who is the real face of feminism.”

It’s simply stunning arrogance and self-absorption, to assume that the independent choices of women exercising their own judgment and discernment is somehow a betrayal of the interests of femininity – all because you say so?  Not that Jemele was alone of course.

Fellow race baiter, the commentator Van Newkirk promptly offered his hot take:

“Don’t have much final data in front of us right now, but enough to confidently say that racism is a powerful tool.”

Again, the conceit is awe-inspiring.  If you didn’t vote as Vann thinks you should have voted, you are either a racist, or were a foolish dupe who fell for racist manipulation by those who received your vote.

Meanwhile, in a move that you simply can’t make up, leftists elsewhere were celebrating the election of the first two Muslim women to Congress, Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  Intersectionality champion Shahed Amanullah consoled himself with this thought:

“If you feel sad today, just imagine Mike Pence swearing 2 women into Congress with the Qur’an.”

Leave aside the fact that the Vice President doesn’t swear in members of the House of Representatives and realize that both of these women are outed anti-Semitic racists.  This is the state of woke thought in America: accusing anyone with conservative politics of racism while simultaneously supporting and celebrating actual racists.

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