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standard schedule

9 am "Weathering the Storm" with Peter Heck
10 am The Power of Questions
10:15 am Snack Break
10:30 am "Defending the Foundations - God & Atheists" with Peter Heck
11:30 am Minds to be Freed
11:40 am LUNCH BREAK
1 pm If You Can't Laugh at Yourself
1:10 pm "Defending the Foundations - Myth of Charlie Darwin" with Peter Heck
2:15 pm Logic
2:30 pm "The Word or the World" with Peter Heck
3:30 pm Snack Break
3:40 pm Closing the Deal
3:50 pm "To Whom Shall We Turn" with Peter Heck
4:50 pm Q&A/Group Discussion
5 pm Dismiss

Churches interested in bringing the FOUNDATIONS seminar to their church or community, please contact us here.